70% off Noel flats in turqoise/pond

  1. I just got back from Macy's and for the first time I acctually found some really cheap coach shoes!! I walk in with my friend and go for the sale rack and they have them in 8 1/2 and I ask the man for the mate. He brings back the mate and them in a size 8!! Size 8 is my usual size. The 8 1/2 was marked $47.40 the 8 was marked $79. I asked if it was the $47.40 for for the 8 too and he said YES!!! :yahoo: With tax it was about $50. I couldn't beleive that I got $158 shoes for $50! I was so excited my friend though I was craz(ier).
    post some pictures, yes?
  3. Awesome deal!

    Are those the peeptoe flats or the other ones?
  4. So where is that macys at lol??

    I do indeed wear an 8.5...:wtf:
  5. They are not the peep toe flats, they are covered. I was happy about that because the peep toe ones didn't show enough toe on me and this is better suited for the fall. If you don't mind, I'd rather not reveal where I am located, so I can't tell you which Macy's. If you call around, you might be able to find them though:tup:! So much for my ban LOL!
  6. oo. im not sure i know which ones you are talking about. >.<
    whats the uh...item number?
  7. What a great deal! Congrats!
  8. They look just like the the peep toe flats, except the toes are covered. The style number is #A2550.
  9. What a great deal! I love the shoes! I'm jealous b/c the Macy's near me never carried that style.
  10. What an awesome deal. Congrats on your purchase!
  11. Just checked my macys and there are only one pair of coach shoes on sale... weird flip flops. Oh well, I don't need to spend money anyway!
  12. Hmm, I wonder if my Macy's has them. I wish they would, I loved this style.
  13. any pics?
  14. My camera is broken. There are pictures of this style in our reference library!