70% off Marc Jacobs Sale at Mercer Street Location

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  1. That's right folks, the sale is STILL GOING ON. It was not a one day only thing as clothing, accessories and shoes are 70% off! There are some Selma bags left in the lavender and turquoise colors for $200.00 a pop in the large and small sizes.

    163 Mercer Street (between Prince and Houston) in New York, New York. Best of luck and anyone who attends, post your finds online!
  2. Mens too?
  3. Are the fall bags all 70% off?
  4. Thank you soo much! :yahoo:
    i'm gonna call tomorrow and order me some new shoes! :graucho:
  5. No sales on bags. Only shoes and clothing. Mens too.
  6. The Selma bags are from Fall 2005.
  7. odds and ends from 04, 05 and fall 06 but it looked like they were returns etc. I got a couple but I was there for 8 hours waiting in line. c
  8. 8 hours! Oh my goodness!!
  9. Does anyone know if this is still going on?
  10. I went today and it was..but picked thru..some selmas still there. c
  11. How were the Selmas? I called and they said they have them in lavender. I tried very hard to place a phone order and even faxed them, but they were so extremely busy and couldn't pull my order through.

    Is anybody going tomorrow?? I wish somebody would be kind enough to pick a Selma for me and mail it across. PM me if anybody can oblige! I'm in New Jersey.