70% off Clearance Sale at BCBG Maxazria!!

  1. Basically the whole store is 50-70% off!! I scored a gorgeous down coat and skirt for $90 total!! :yahoo:
  2. where is there a BCBG in Boston?
  3. There is a BCBG on Newbury St and there is another in The Chesnut Hill Mall. I went into the one in Chesnut Hill but I didn't really get anything. :sad:
  4. will this work online too?
  5. isn't there one at copley...?
  6. Nope, there is no BCBG in Copley. Its a bebe in Copley but they're now closed as they're moving to Newbury St and will be open sometime mid Feb. :smile:
  7. You know, I never find anythingn I like at BCBG...
  8. For anyone in San Francisco, I went to the BCBG in union square last thursday and they had an even better selection.
  9. When does the Sale end?? Is it at every store?? The earliest I can stop by the mall will be Friday...
  10. Dillards seems to always have racks of BCBG 50%-70& off too if there's not a boutique but a Dillards near you.
  11. Is this in Canada too? Anyone know?
  12. I'm pretty sure its in every store. I was at the Boston and SF ones and they both had a huge selection. Not sure when it ends though...
  13. I was at the BCBG store at Sherway on FRiday & they didn't have 70% off

  14. Wow! :nuts:
    Thanks for posting!
  15. Is their sale online too?