70%off at LVR ..Fall/Winter 2006

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  1. How do you get the prices to show up in $ dollars?
  2. any free shipping code???
    they are charging $50 shipping to US..........

  3. You can convert the rate at www.xe.com
  4. OMG! I just orderd that paddington on Saturday at 50% off :sad:
  5. What is the currency on the site - Euro?
  6. yes, i'm pretty sure they're in euro! :smile:
  7. Yes definitely euro.....€ is the euro sign
  8. Comes out to about $571 with shipping for the paddington!
  9. Is this the site where people were surprised with customs charges?
  10. Good thing I didn't order this yesterday!:wlae:
  11. Yikes - I ordered it and can't believe I did it. I already have two Chloes but have been wanting a paddington. I hope I love it!!?

    Thanks for posting this.
  12. ^ omg what a great deal!!! Congrats
  13. just too late...... it's gone? :crybaby:

    will they have stock later? :confused1:
  14. missed it....btw, what colors were the paddys?