70%off at folica.com including GHD hair straightener

  1. Just want to warn everyone that i had a nightmare of an experience with Folica recently... they have horrible customer service and i was surprised to find this out and also that i wasn't the only one. they offer great products and prices though, just a little warning!
  2. I had a nightmare experience too!! My straightener came BROKEN and it took me a dozen calls to get a return label. Their customer service sucks..you have to leave your name and number for someone to call u back..and they never do!! I'll never do business with them again.
  3. OMG! the SAME thing happened with me!!! I bought my flat iron 7 months ago and it broke recently and was still under warrenty so i sent it back because they said it would take 10 business days for the whole process to take place... i sent it back january 3rd and i didnt hear anything until YESTERDAY because i called them on the phone 5 times a day (they were so rude and short with me) and i wrote them emails demanding they send me my replacement. they were claiming that they never received it and it was lost in the mail, even though i had it tracked and it was delivered there on january 12th! they're crazy... i will never deal with them again!!!
  4. My hair dryer and straightener are on this site and are a combined 120 dollars more 'on sale' at Folica.com than what I paid from other reputable sites.
  5. I have to chime in and agree that their customer service is horrible. I had placed an order then tried to call them to change something...I couldn't get through and then had to leave my name and phone number. Luckily I got received my order, but I won't do business with them again.
  6. Also sounding in that their CS is horrible! I started using www.frizzy2silky.com instead of them. I usually just buy ceramic flat irons. I waited 45 days for them to credit a return. It was horrible, I also called emailed. And never pay them with paypal...it is a mess. You have better protection using a credit card.