70% Off ALL non sale items @ Chickdowntown.com

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  1. Use code cd70 at checkout!


    The site is really slow right now, I'm sure due to sale traffic so be patient!

    I just went a little crazy. :yahoo:

  2. Wow! You got an awesome deal! The website is so SLOW for me! I can't get past the home page.
  3. i thought this website went of business months ago?
  4. Yeah the site is really dragging.... took me over a half hour to get all the items from the first order in my cart. I knew I wanted more but I was afraid they would be gone if I didn't buy them. That's why I went back for more. :smile:
  5. after people having issues in the past and stories about the ownership changing hands, I'm scared to order.

    But you got some great items, PhotoshopGirl!
  6. I hope I don't have any issues with them. I used my debit card and my bank is really good about fraud so if they try to screw me in any way, my bank will cover me. I'm not worried. I'm more worried I won't get the killer deals I just ordered. Between the Ugg thread and this I'm breaking my bank!
  7. i'm trying to shop, but the site is SOOOO slow. got some goodies in my cart, although i am still trying to shop. it's just taking forever. who knows, i might not even go through with the order if it's taking this long.
  8. are all sales final?
  9. ^ i'm not 100% certain, but pretty sure. the company is going out of business after all.
  10. I'm sure all sales would be final but it never said that anywhere that I saw since you can't use the 70% off on sale items. I figured even if something didn't fit me, I'd have no problem breaking even selling it on my jeans forum or ebay.
  11. The site is SO SLOW. I'm working with it though. I REALLY want some Milly stuff.

    edit: too bad its all on sale!
  12. aw.... nothing in my size, or else it's on sale!
  13. i think i'm going to give up. i had about 4-5 items in my cart, and now all of a sudden my cart is empty.
  14. ^Me too! The website is driving me crazy!
  15. I cant get past the homepage, so depressing.