70% Off ALL 2008 Snowboard/Ski Gear w/ Free Shipping

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  1. It's time to clear everything out. 70% Off every single 2008, 2007, 2006 item in our Sale Section with free shipping.

    Extra super discounted single items:
    -Socks: $2 each when you add 10 or more to cart: Men's Socks - Women's Socks
    -Beanies: $3.99 each when you add 4 or more to cart Men's Beanies - Women's Beanies
    -Shoes: $10 each when you add 4 or more to cart: Men's Shoes - Women's Shoes

    Our entire staff will be working tirelessly to answer emails, phones, pull, pack and ship your orders over the next week during our 70% off sale. We'll do our best to get your orders out as fast as possible and respond to your customer service request. Thanks for your understanding and enjoy the great deals.

    Sierra Staff,

    Just scored myself some sweet Burton Andy Warhol pants for 70% off :yahoo:
  2. ^in case it wasn't clear, that's the email I received. I am not affiliated with Sierra.
  3. it's a good deal. i got that email too =D

    just bought a pair of pants i dont need LOL
  4. Thanks, I got some goggles and a thermal for $30 shipped.
  5. I placed an order last night. The site is very slow. But definitely a lot of good deals. Sweet ~
  6. If only i know how to snowboard, I would definitely grab a board!
  7. Darn, many items are already out of stock!