70% Burberry Manors at LVR!

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  1. Has anyone ever purchased from this company before? I really like the burgundy bag but I've never purchased from this company so I'm reluctant.
  2. I was looking at it as well,but what concerns me is the patent...since it is the last one and on sale they don't accept returns so,if it should be beaten up or scratched all over there wouldn't be nothing to do :s
  3. I agree. I noticed the same thing.
  4. British Pounds? doesn't seem like much of a deal to me...
  5. They are in Euros.

    I've purchased from them before, and I have seen their store in Florence. They are legitimate. The thing to keep in mind is that you will be charged customs, about 10%.
  6. i'm pretty sure there is more than one left as i put in the quantity "2" and it still seemed to accept it, so perhaps there is still a few left!
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