70-80% off Handbags!

  1. Briana Christiana is offering an extra 10% off all handbags on top of their already reduced prices. You can save 70-80% off all handbags and receive free complimentary ground shipping to the 48 continental United States!
  2. OH wow, I warned you AT LEAST 3 times to stop advertising here.

  3. I thought this was a deals and steals... Technically this is a "deals and steals" thread. Meaning some sort of commerce will be involved... Isn't advertising kind of the point?
  4. nice try
  5. :confused1: :shrugs: :confused1:
  6. this is a place for members to post great finds they come across that are NOT a part of their website.
    We DO NOT allow someone to come here and advertise on their own behalf.

    Interesting first 2 posts though ;) maybe you want to introduce yourself in the newcomer's Forum:shrugs:
  7. cute cute cute

    question why is only one of the two additions banned? shouldn't both guilty parties be hung and denied posting access?