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  1. plus 10% off using code sale10

    They must be going out of business!
  2. wow. tfp!
  3. Bought something yesterday and now has lower price. They wouldn't price adjust it :sad:
  4. im afraid they might be out of business too and i have store credit but can't be used toward this sale :sad:
  5. ME TOO! They told me once the order is "processed" they can't do any adjustments.
  6. Ugh, limited sizes and selection :Push: Why aren't I a size 4 :crybaby:
  7. Do they not have bags anymore or are they all gone?
  8. ^ I don't think they have anymore. I just placed an order. Not much stuff left. Got myself a hat and a T-shirt for $21.60 shipped.
  9. Nothing there for me!
  10. ^Yeah. I didn't find anything interesting.