$7 Worth Of D&B

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  1. These are Dooney and Borque handbags picked up at yard sales this summer that cost, from left to right, $2, $1, $2 and $2. A bit of Apple leather conditioner is all that is needed to make them look like new again, these purses really did hold up to the motto "All Weather Leather"


    Although we only have 4 we could have just as easily had a dozen by now, for some reason D&B shows up in a lot of yard sales. Perhaps it's their durability that saves them, most purses that old would just get thrown away. I know D&B isn't even held in high enough regard to rate its own forum but their look really held up well over time. Who's going to be wearing that orange plastic crap with the fuzzy fringes 20 years from now?
  2. Wow, definitely a fair price! Congrats, they'll look great on you.
  3. Lucky you! Even if you don't carry them, they would make great collector's items.

    I need to get to yard sales more frequently. I'm just scared to go because I have so much stuff and junk around as it is that I wouldn't have anywhere to put anything.
  4. Wow! I love the big one. What a price!
  5. Wow nice finds! Congrats! :tup:

    As for the Dooney forum, it isn't that the brand is not held in high regard, it is just that there was not enough traffic/discussion going on to keep the subforum open. :yes: They tried having a seperate Dooney subforum, and it was pretty dead from lack of posts, so they closed it.
  6. Hey, Lucky you! Those are fabulous vintage bags that they just don't make any more. I always loved the look of them.
  7. Excellent finds!:tup:
    Just goes to show how far a little elbow grease can go.
  8. That's funny! Great finds--they all look like new!
  9. omg my mom would be so jealous. she loves the all weather vintage dooney items!

    i bought her some off ebay, i definitely will get some apple leather conditioner to revive them for her!
  10. Wow, great finds. I like the 3rd one
  11. $7?!?!?! crazy! congrats :smile:
  12. You got an amazing deal! All the bags look like they're in great shape, and I especially love the two on the right. Enjoy your new lovelies!
  13. Great Deal!!
  14. Wow! What bargains you scored!
  15. Great bags!! I will always like "vintage" dooney. They hold up so well.
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