7 Jeans

  1. Hi girls,

    I had a question. I have a pair of the Seven Jeans Stretch Bootcut in NY Dark, and I was looking on Nordstroms.com and found that they also have a Bootcut Stretch in Nakita.

    Would the sizes be the same? If I ordered a particular size in NY Dark, would it also be OK to order the same size in Nakita? I once bought a pair of jeans online, and after I tried them on, they didn't fit me as well.

    Has any of this happened to you? Should the fits and styles be the same, just with a different color? Thanks so much!
  2. If you are ordering from Nordstroms.com, you can have free exchanges by calling and free returns in store if the Nakitas doesnt fit. For me, I am the same size on majority of the jeans. Sorry I'm no help, I only own the NYD and not the Nakitas.
  3. yea it would be the same. because both are "stretch" jeans. sevens generally fit bigger so you need to go down a size..
  4. Well, different style and wash, they all fit different. Funny thing is that sometimes even same cuts and same wash fit different. Some wash stretchs a lot , some doesn't at all. Best thing you can do is to go to the store and try them on. Reccomend you to go to http://honestforum.com/index.php for reference. They will help you.
  5. I agree! I have at least 3 different sizes in my various styles of Sevens.