7 for All Mankind Official 2010 Warehouse Sale

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Wanted to share. See attached flyer for more details.

    10/1 - 10/3 Los Angeles

    10/8 - 10/9 SF

    10/15- 10/17 NY

    10/22 - 10/24 Chicago

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  2. I am thinking about going in chicago! I've gone to warehouse sales before, never bought anything but it was fun. i like 7famk jeans too so this may be better.
  3. got the email too..wonder what the prices are like...
  4. I clicked on the email I got and clicked on my city (chicago) and its all weekend friday - sunday; friday the prices start at $65, saturday starts at $55, sunday starts at $45. the selection will not be as good sunday as it was on friday and all but that's helpful.

    I can't remember the price point of the jeans i went to at the last warehouse sale i went to, I saw mainly paige and jbrand and william rast, cant remember seeing much 7famk. But I saw a lot of morphine generation clothing, french connection, bcbg.

    I may go if i can find friends who would be interesting.
  5. Wow, so exciting! I remembered that regular jeans were 60 and crystals ones were 80?
  6. will this be JUST 7 for all mankind or will there be other brands?
  7. Does anyone know if you have to RSVP or can I just show up?
  8. you have to RSVP
  9. yes and iirc if you rsvp online its free but if you get there without rsvping theres an entry fee.
  10. thxs
  11. Has anyone been to this before? Any feedback? worth the trip?.... I know they held it about a year ago in NY........I've been to The Warehouse's other sales but not the 7 for all mankind one
  12. i wish it's online too, there's nothing like this where i live :sad:
  13. For those interested, here're the prices

    1st Quality Jeans $80 (Fri), $70 (Sat) and $60 (Sun)
    2nd Quality Jeans $65 (Fri), $55 (Sat) and $45 (Sun)
    $10 extra for crystals, studded and embellished

    There're only a handful of the 2nd Quality jeans so you're really looking at paying the prices for 1st Quality jeans. There're quite a lot of selections and there's a try-on area.

    Good Luck...