7 For all mankind bags..

  1. Anyone saw the 7 for all mankind handbag collection.. this brand was famous in branded denim jeans but I heard they also have a collection of handbags...
  2. Yes... they are ok. They sell them on Shopbop.com
  3. I've seen them on Shopbop too. They look like nice bags but none of them jumped out at me.
  4. There are also a few available at revolve.
  5. i like this one for 495, but i think i won't pay that much for a 7 bag
  6. I agree. I like some of their styles but I don't want to pay what they are charging for those bags. Just not sure they're worth it ya know?
  7. they are cute but I would rather get an Anna Corinna or Botkier for that price
  8. I agree, a bit overpriced.
  9. my initial reaction is 7...bags?! but then i remember thinking the same thing when juicy first started... the one that seahorse posted is very nice though