7 Days til October

  1. Do we have confirmation on what's arriving on 10/1?
  2. Please, please let it be the Tivoli!
  3. oooo. yes, what's coming?
  4. OMG October already this year has gone so quickly

    good news only a few more days until S/S Show!!!!
  5. yes i'm anxious for the s/s show!!!!
  6. when is the s/s show?
  7. sometime between the 1 and 9th of October I don't know the actual date yet it's not showing on vogue.com
  8. here's what were expecting but exact dates are not certain Septembers totally changed

  9. and the rest
  10. I want the Key holders and i really like the look of the Coffret Bijoux Epi maybe a Damier geant cles if it's cute
  11. I reserved a biker but the clasp kind of annoyed me and I told my SA to cancel. I don't think she did, though. I hope she did or my credit card is going to melt.
  12. <------I am SO hoping they do some early releases like the did with the Mirage and the Limelight.....so we can see the goods before Oct !!!
    And whoever got the new Mono bags, please post your pics!!!
  13. I am curious to see the Palermo. Is anyone waitlisted for either the GM or the PM? I have not seen the measurements posted anywhere either.
  14. Is that gray inclusion piece coming in October or is it later than that?
  15. I thought the grey inclusion was coming out in October...can't wait to see IRL!