7 days apart from the PF

  1. I'll be cruising to the Caribbean w/my bf tomorrow for one whole week. Beside the excitement of being on vacation, i think i will miss the PF the most. :love: Since joining, there has not been one day that i don't go to the PF. This will be the first time. :yes:
    I will miss you all.
    btw, woohoo to my 1000 something posts.... :lol:
  2. Have fun on your cruise and be safe! Congrats on the 1000+ posts! Looking forward to many more!
  3. I would LOVE to be going on a carribean cruise right now. You will have so much fun! We'll look forward to a report when you return:smile:
  4. Have fun on your Cruise, VuittonGirl. Congrats on your 1000th post :yahoo:
  5. Have fun on your cruise and be safe!
  6. Have alot of fun! We will be here when you get back. Take pictures!
  7. So jealous of your fabulous weekend! :nuts: Have lots of fun & oh...I hear they had some fabulous purse stores in the Bahamas :graucho:
  8. nah uh??? really??? i'll make sure to check those stores out.. Thanks guys...
  9. Have a great time on your cruise!!!
  10. Have a great time!!!! Be safe!
  11. Have a great time on the cruise! :cool:
  12. Have a wonderful time. Log in ASAP when you come back :biggrin:
  13. Everyone's going on a trip! Have fun!
  14. Oh how wonderful!!! Have fun on your cruise!
  15. Have fun on your trip! I know what you mean; whenever I'm just away for the weekend, I have PF withdrawal:lol: .