7 days after - he's here!!!


Aug 19, 2007
Oslo, Norway
Unlike the impulse buying of my very first LV one week ago, this one was a (reserved) purchase waiting to happen. So you guys could imagine how restless and sleepless I was last night. Hahaha! And yeah, the 7 days of waiting was worth it. Here he is... my first LV luggage... the Keepall 50! :yahoo:

I only got a large dustbag for when storing the Keepall in the closet, placed in an LV carrier bag. The heatstamped luggage tag wouldn't be ready until after two weeks. Now he sits stuffed with clothes to even the creases out, until he flies with me this Saturday to his first holiday in Italy.

I'm so happy! Ok, I have to run to my Norwegian classes now. Just needed to post right away and share my joy with you guys. Thanks for looking! ;)