7 Buyers Scammed 2/25/07 on eBay-READ THIS!!!

  1. :cursing: Just want to let all eBay Sellers to BEWARE of situation that happened to me and at least 6-7 others on 2/25/07. I put up a new Burberry's Trench coat on Buy it Now or Best Offer for $400 that afternoon. When I woke up the next morning, it had been purchased at full price from sean_mirage22,Buyer with 0 feedback and Reg. User since 2/23/07 (2 days!). Since I had put no Buyer Restrictions on my listing, it was a done deal UNTIL he emailed me with these instructions:
    "I live in Durham, NC, but need you to send it to Philippines, where I will be attending anniversary party. I will send you Money Order for $2,000 to cover shipping and duty fees, but then I need you to wire back leftover funds to Philippines." After talking to experienced eBay seller, realized this was a SCAM, and the Money Order would probably be counterfeit, and once the bank realized this, I would be out $400.00, plus additional $ spent on shipping, etc. Pulled up his buying activity, and he had done this to at least 6-7 others. Notified Security @ eBay, cancelled transaction, and then we emailed all other Sellers. As of today, I hear he has been suspended (-2 feedback), but he could pop up again with different User Name, etc. His Contact info did not check out, and his address did not exist. So, eBay Sellers, beware of what is happening with fraudulent Buyers, check out everyone you sell to, request contact info, Google Earth the address AND call. Our group was somewhat lucky, because when we realized we ALL GOT THE SAME $2,OOO OFFER, we banded together and had him axed from eBay. This is happening more and more, and it is one huge hassle, so be suspicious of anyone who asks for out of the ordinary delivery and offers ridiculous amounts of money with any sort of "wire me back" request! sweetpeax
  2. :shocked: !!!!!
    sweetpeax, thanks for sharing this information! It is not a safe place out there anymore ~
  3. This scam has been around for a long time. Unfortunately some people fall for this. What a waste of time for you to have to deal with:sad:
  4. I've gotten a simular email a while back. Woke up and so happy my lamer items were sold. Same thing, got a email that he would send money but for a larger amount and I was to wire back the difference. I didin't fall for it! Replied back to him "nice try"!
  5. So horibble experience! May he want to get free trench coat?? Normally we'll wait till we receive cash money from money order then ship out the item so what's his intention?? Want you ship your trench coat without get cash from your MO?
  6. I think it may be because most people don't know a money order can bounce just like a check. If you are at good standing at a bank they will credit your account immediately as a coutesey so most people think it's good when they see it available from their account balance.

    I have even worked for retail companies that dealt a lot with mail and internet orders that ship immediately with a money order and no one knew the MO could bounce. (I came to work at that company as their accounting manager so I didn't like that policy).

    The scammer was probably hoping the seller would ship upon receipt of the money order and when it bounced then he would already have the item and possibly the wired money back.
  7. wow, that was creepy! I am glad you are experienced and didn't fall for it. But hopefully others will learn too.
  8. It's a good thing you didn't fall for it. thats why i NEVER sell to ppl who have 0-5 feedbacks. it's just not worth the risk:yes:
  9. Nightmare to encountered such this buyer :wtf::wtf: Want item for free by scammed the seller?? Fortunately sweetpeax cancel the transaction

  10. I would of sent back an email with a bunch of laughing smileys to the scammer. I hope nobody falls for this.
  11. So just for future reference, how long does an MO take to clear? How long should a seller wait on an MO to be absolutely sure?
  12. Gawd, that's creepy :roflmfao: :wtf: :roflmfao: Good that you all banded together, eBay just gets worse and worse and we need to help eachother whenever we can.
  13. Tnx for the warning!
  14. so, how does one protect themselves? i'm thinking of selling my stuff (coach, d&b) and i don't want to get taken. i just want my stuff to go to a good home and get some cash to get more stuff! :smile: or is this just going to be luck?

    any suggestions? thanks!
  15. It is basically like a check. I would probably hold it 10 days for domestic money orders should be plenty. With check 21 in place at most banks it should go quicker.

    Your bank should be able to tell you whether it cleared. They have to keep track of two balances - your actual account balance and the balance of money that was actually collected.

    You usually don't see it as a consumer unless you have a new account or a business account with credit lines, sweeps, etc. That's why they hold you funds for a while when you switch banks - they want to make sure you "collected" balance can cover anything they pay since you don't have a history yet with the bank.