7% back from elux through 7/13

  1. For those that are Lucky subscribers, you can get 7% off at elux through luckmagrewards.com (similar to ******).

    Happy shopping!
  2. thanks for the heads up. I just got the e-mail and haven't had a chance to read it yet.
  3. Thanks!
    7% back :yahoo:
  4. woo! thats great!
  5. hmm...wonder how long that's going to last?!
  6. ^ July 13th, it's in the title =)
  7. i am confused.
    do you already have to be a subscriber to get the offer or when you subscribe they give you 7 % off?
    when i went to the link i could not find anything .
  8. you have to be a subscriber and then you go to the website and sign up. the 7% is mailed to you in a form of a mastercard gift card or check three/four times a year
  9. thank you for the information
  10. What does ******* mean? Is this a stupid question??
  11. I guess we're not allowed to use it-it's another site where you receieve money back on your purchases. I tried to name it, but it xxxx's it out. Sorry!