7/8 Jeans


Jun 27, 2007
Hi Ladies

I am looking for some suggestions for 7/8 jeans that are available in the UK. I'm 5ft 10" and UK size 12. I normally buy the 'cherry' skinny jeans from Oasis but find (particularly when wearing them with heels) they are a little too long, I don't want the hem of my jeans to touch my shoes, if you know what I mean??!! Also for wearing with flats I don't want the hem of my jeans to be too low.

I hope this makes sense!


Rachael x

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
Have you tried Dorothy Perkins? They are my favourite brand of UK jeans, I love their new range they have out, I purchased the skinnies and they are great, have different leg lengths (Small, Regular, Long) - I'm 5'4" and the short size was my perfect length.

Otherwise I don't know if Jag is available in the UK but I have some 7/8 jeans (they are labeled as capris but on me they are ankle length) from them that are pretty perfect as well.