7:00 p.m. -- anyone still at the office besides me?

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  1. I'm on my 12th hour of work right now.

    Where the heck does one get a 9-5 job???

    Often during the day I have nothing to do (hence Purse Forum) and then WHAM.

    Such is life! It could be so much worse, since I generally really like my job.

    Are you still in the office? What are you doing?

    I'm putting together a proposal... *sigh*
  2. I'm not in the office (stupid college) but I'm still doing CRAZY amounts of homework...cause I've been on tPF all day :shame:...
  3. I'm a student and right now I'm home, but I'm taking twice as many courses as recommended and I'm also doing some voulenteering work, so yesterday I had an 18 hour day while today I haven't really done anything. Most of the work is fun though, so I don't mind it, but then again, I'm early in this semester, so for all I know my life can be hell when the exams are approaching :yes: I just really hope that this will all look good on my resume at some point..
  4. I left a few minutes after 7- like 7:15 or so. That's kind of normal for me though. Not fun.
  5. I'm in my 12th hour today as well and have 3 more to go.
  6. You ladies work so hard!! Please have a glass of wine when you get home so I know you stay sane, work can really wear you out!! (As I'm sure you all know, lol). But all you workaholics have a great night!!! :balloon:
  7. Poor IntlSet!!! I know exactly what you feel like. Had the same thing happen to me today, but I said I'd work on it tonight and bought it home.

    Here's a cup of tea!

  8. Got home early today...but like every day I end up working during the evening!
  9. One Tuesday a month I work until 7 and I hate it- Blech!
    I can barely stand working til 5 - LOL!
  10. My New Year's resolution was to leave work "on time" 3 days a week. For the first two weeks I did really well, but now the past two I've fallen into old habits of working my extra-long days again. It's maddening, because I'm the one who lets it happen.

    Somewhere along the line, I need to learn that I could work around the clock, but I'd never get it all done anyway, so sometimes I need to just go home.
  11. My sympathy. In the past two weeks this is the first night I managed to get out before 7 (6:15pm w00t!). Then off for VA state vehicle inspections...car needed a new tire to pass...which made me get home at 8:30pm. Someday I will find such 9 to 5 job. I think it might be an urban legend, but I still hold out hope. Hope you get home soon hang in there :flowers:
  12. IntlSet so sorry that you had to work so late- yuck!! Hopefully by now, you're cozily at home curled up and comfy with some hot tea or a glass of wine. :flowers:
  13. today was the first day in a llooonngggg while that I've gotten off on time. sorry, i know it's no fun! Oooh, wine and tea both sound good right now. Hope you get your refreshing beverage of choice soon!
  14. I was until about 20 minutes ago. I clocked a 14 hour day today.
  15. I am not at the office but I have just started my day here in Singapore, the sunny little island. I'm a stay-at-home-mom, at times I really miss my office-days:shrugs:
    Well, finish up your work, go home, get a hot bath, a cup of hot chocolate, and have a good night sleep:tup: