6x8 Agenda/Planner in Punch...where to find?

  1. Hi all!

    Has anyone seen the 6x8 agenda/planner in punch anywhere? I have been eyeing that agenda but then all of a sudden I don't see it anymore! Does Coach take phone orders? Are they in the outlets by now? Would outlets take phone orders too? How much are they? Please let me know as I'm desperately wanting one! Thank you! :yes:
  2. I just got one on eBay and I love it! Don't know where else you could find one though, mine was $150 buy it now, so I snapped it up asap!
    Good luck on your search.
  3. I saw them at the outlets recently...
  4. Really? I haven't seen any in the outlets near where I live...do you remember which outlets you saw it in and its approximate price? Would outlets take phone orders?
  5. I'm pretty sure they had one at the Walnut Creek Coach store (Broadway Plaza) - they showed me one to show me what the color was on another item and it was definately an agenda.
  6. Does anyone know the price at the outlets on the 6x8? Just wondering if I got a good deal or not.
  7. I just saw this at my boutique store on New Years Day - if you are interested, PM me and I'll send you the store name and phone number.
  8. they are going to the outlets
  9. Call the Coach boutique at Pinnacle Hills Promenade in Rogers, Arkansas. They had some the last time I was there; the agendas there don't move very fast. And yes they do take phone orders :smile:
  10. $99 with an additional 20% off
  11. Wow! Can you tell me which outlet that it is that you saw the agenda in, and do outlets take phone orders? Do they happen to have the planner in other colors as well? Is that the one with the turnlock?
  12. It was the St. Augustine outlet, but they are gone. I would just try calling around. Maybe one of them will let you do a charge-send to your outlet.
  13. Bummer! Thank you; I'll cross my fingers and try calling around! :yes:
  14. I saw the 6 x 8 in punch and in gold today at the outlet in Lee, MA. They were about $80 after the extra 20%. I think that someone bought all of them while I was there. I bought the 3 x 5 in punch. It was $47.99. I looked at the 6 x 8, but it was way too big for me. The SA said that they have been getting them in frequently, but they sell quickly.