1. Such a cute show! It airs on TeleToon. The past couple of weekends, I'd find myself flicking through the channels, only to end up watching this. I love cartoons that don't treat kids like idiots. (And I love the fact there's a character named Caitlin in it!)

    6TEEN is an animated situation comedy for tweens set entirely in a gigantic shopping mall! It's minimum wages and maximum laughs as we follow our ensemble cast of six sixteen-year-old friends trying to make it through their first part-time jobs and life as a teen.

    6TEEN is about the important stuff – firsts. First crushes, first jobs, first bank accounts and most importantly, that first taste of freedom… of course, not all firsts are positive. Nikki finds herself stuck (in what she considers a sick twist of fate) working at The Khaki Barn, a store that she wouldn't be caught dead shopping in. Jen's scored her dream job at a sports shop, but her meathead ex-gym coach boss, Coach Halder, keeps throwing her in the penalty box for messing up. Jonesy manages to get his butt fired from a new store in every single episode, Wyatt's hopelessly in love with his older co-worker, and Caitlin endures the daily humiliation of working in the lowest store in the mall's hierarchy of cool – The Big Squeeze, a giant lemon. No "most embarrassing moment" in these teens' lives will be left unturned, and at times it can seem like there's an evil boss, awful customer or "frienemy" around every corner. But through it all, our group of six best friends learn to lean on one another.

    From stumbling through relationships to dealing with hideous uniforms, the larger-than-life mall provides our characters with the perfect venue to spread their wings - and totally crash and burn trying.

  2. Nikki: (To Caitlin) You think you can just hang with us like some kind of insta-friend? I've known these guys since Kindergarten. We have history. The only thing I know about you is that you wear a lot of pink.

    Jen: I bet you don't even have chores at home.
    Caitlin: I do so. Like this one time, my dad made me skim our pool before a party.

    Nikki (to the movie audience): Vin Diesel gets in an accident and dies at the end. Enjoy!

    Nikki: I'm impressed. You look so sweet on the outside, but there's like this inner cow just dying to come out.
    Caitlin: Thanks! You're a total cow too.

    Jen (To Jonsey): Don't make me hurt you! Because I will! And there are a lot of things to hurt you with around here! Baseball bats, hockey sticks, ski poles, I think I could even get creative with a GOLF BALL WASHER!!

    KB Video: Here at the Khaki Barn, we believe individuality is highly overrated.

    (Jonsey talks about his job at the book store)
    Jonsey: You should see some of the books they got in there. What a rip-off. The Cat in the hat? Please, it only took me twenty minutes to read that one.
    Nikki: That's because it's a children's book.

    Jonesy: Oh this is great! Chapter seven, you can't score chicks if you're not alive!
    Nikki: Here, let me help you test that theory!
    (Strangles Jonesy)

    Jonesy: You would've been proud. I said: "I've just been reading this book of poetry, and I thought you might have some insight because you're like a poem yourself." (laughs) She totally bought that line!

    Jen: If Jonsey and Nikki start dating, we're completely screwed.
    Wyatt: Why? What's so bad about that?
    Jen: Because if they start dating, they're inevitably gonna break up.
    Caitlin: And when that happens, we'll be the ones stuck in the middle. We won't be able to out as a group.
    Jen: We'll have to choose sides.
    Caitlin: I won't be able to use the word "Jonesing" in front of Nikki anymore.
    Jen: It will be a total disaster.
  3. Jonsey: I got fired from Engrave this. Because my spelling sucks. Did you know there was a "T" in "Christmas"?
    Caitlin: Uh, yeah.

    Scott the greeter god: Okay, I'm gonna announce the names of our new greeter gods. If you don't hear your name, it basically means you're not cool enough. Jonsey.
    Jonsey: Who? Me? Why?
    Scott: Well you seem to have that self-absorbed egotism that Albatross and Finch stands for.
    Jonsey: Uh, thanks. I think.

    Caitlin: Okay! I so want to work here.
    Greeter God: Yeah, we got that. Why?
    Caitlin: If I had to guess, Albatross and Finch is the only socially acceptable store. The '94 Spring Catalogue changed my life. I have all the required facial expressions: "Don't ask me 'cause I don't care." (snorts) "You look fat in anything." "I can go check in the back, but I won't."
    Greeter God: So how 'bout you?
    Jonesy: Just got fired. Didn't have anything else to do.

    Jonsey: Focus Jonsey, focus! What I need is someone who can pretend to be a guru...
    Jude: You know what they say...The best glimpse at paradise is in that second before you bail. You'll think of something.
    Jonsey: ...Somebody who says some stupid stuff that's profound enough to fool the crowd...
    Jude: Hey, did you know that gerbils and hamsters can't have babies together but they both like lettuce?
    Jonesy: Hmmmmm...

    (Nikki is getting her legs waxed and she is screaming and swearing)
    Helga: I've never heard such language from a client.
    Nikki: Well you'll hear a lot more if you touch me again!

    Jonsey: You always help me study.
    Nikki: Yeah, and I always get burned.
    Jonsey: Since when?
    Nikki: Let's see. There was that time you fell asleep while I was talking and the time you spent the whole day hitting on the girl sitting beside us in the library
    Jonsey: That was different. She was hot.

    Caitlin: I already blew half my budget on these strappy shoes, they're three inches high.
    Jen: Can you walk in them
    Caitlin: Shoes that are made for walking are never the cute shoes.

    News Reporter: Our latest reports indicate that the city has safely quarantined all zombies inside the Galleria Mall.
    Wyatt: But what if we're inside the mall?!
    News Reporter: (Continuing) If any people are still inside the mall, well it looks like you'll probably die. Boy, I'd hate to be one of those poor suckers inside the mall.

    (The gang sees Caitlin with zombie Talon who has been gagged)
    Jude: What's the tape on his mouth for?
    Caitlin: So he doesn't bite me.
    Jen: Exactly.
    Caitlin: Plus he has really bad breath.
    Jonsey: Yeah. Eating flesh will do that to you.

    Jonsey: How's my resume look?
    Jude: Your resume is four pages long?
    Jonsey: I've worked at a lot of places.
    Jude: For one day.
    Jonsey: Your point?

    Krissy (to Nikki): Nikki? Nikkster?
    Kristen: She is definitely out of it. You called her "Nikkster", and she didn't belt you!

    (The gang is watching the horror movie)
    Wyatt: Why is he going back into the house? Is he stupid? Logically, you call the police. If I ever get trapped in a house with a vampire with a nail gun, promise me you'll call the police!

    Jonesy: Last night, Jen just started crying out of nowhere.
    Nikki: Well there had to be a reason... Did you ask her?
    Jonesy: Something about no one listening to her or something...I wasn't really paying attention.

    Sharmaine: You're late.
    Stone: Sorry, I went to the wrong Grind Me, all forty locations look exactly the same.

    Wyatt: Wait a sec, if meeting the friends is the next level, I've gone there a couple of times, is that considered "second base"?
    Jonesy: Hanging with the friends isn't even "on the base", you're not even in the stadium yet buddy, you're still at home digging in the couch looking for bus fare to get to the stadium--
    Nikki: I think we get it Jonesy.

    Jude (About all the coffee cups he has): They're they go again. They're saying, "Jude, drink me. Then check my bottom to see if I'm the winning cup."

    (Jonsey finds out about the naked picture of him that the girls have)
    Jonsey: You're bluffing, aren't you?
    Caitlin: If we're bluffing, how could we know about those three little freckles on your left thigh?
  4. Jonesy: Want to go out with me?
    Emily: No.
    Jonesy: Want to go out with me?
    Emily: No.
    Jonesy: Want to go out with me?
    Emily: No.
    Jonesy: Want to go out with me?
    Emily: Huh! Fine.
    Jonesy: Want to go out with--What? Fine? You mean you will? Yes, I knew I’d break you down eventually.

    (Caitlin coaches Nikki for being Prom Queen)
    Caitlin: Maintain a pleasant demeanour at all times.
    Nikki: This sucks!
    Caitlin: I can see this is going to take time.

    Jonsey: Caitlin, Jen, isn't it about time you two took a trip to the spa?
    (Jen and Caitlin glare at him)
    Nikki: I'll field this one.
    (Smacks Jonesy)
  5. Oh I love love love this show. I watch it with my kids all the time! They even say " mom, your favorite show is on" :smile: I like the episode when Caitlin said - the shoes that are made for walking are never the cute shoes! :p
  6. speaking of.... I just heard the kids call me because my favorite show is on! Gotta go watch! :yes:
  7. Oooh, wait, I know that show! My little sis likes to watch it. I like the drawings a lot!