6PM - Up To 75% Off Crocs

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  1. Thanks! Ill forward this to my nurse friends
  2. As much as I hate the way crocs look, I could really use some garden/taking the dog out shoes.....
  3. love my crocs! I've been wanting another color ~ thanks for posting this.
  4. interesting. . . I hate when stores do that. They marked most of them up to over $40 each and then "marked them down". These are really only about 35% off at most as far as I can tell, which is GREAT BTW:yes:
    I paid full price today for a black pair of MJs for my DD for $24.99.

    For example their Endeavor's should only be $29.99 at most but they claim them to be $41 originally.

    the price jacking prior to the sale just irritates me.
  5. I said the same thing about Uggs when they first came out and now I own 7 pairs...I only have 2 pairs of Crocs.:yes: They are great for gardening!
  6. I ordered another pair for my daughter and I after paying full price 2 months ago. They are great--we love them. I also ordered a pair for my son and they are now his favorite shoes. Only strange thing is hubby ordered a pair for himself in the team backing design and to me they are sized wrong. They seem cut too small. So maybe that men's style is off.
  7. I agree Swanky, I noticed that too, verrrrry irritating, but $20 is still a good price!
  8. I agree! Wish they had kids'!
  9. they are not the most attractive shoe but they are great for somethings. i ordered some for work, its great for being behind a bar!:tup:
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Could use another pair for this summer.