6pm.com 10-10-10 Sale--shoes for $10

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  1. Thousands of shoes are supposed to be marked down to 10 bucks for one day only! Does anyone know when they are gonna start the sale????..it is already 10-10-10 and I am waiting to rush to get my items if they go on sale! :yahoo:
  2. They might be on pacific time?
  3. its pacific
  4. I am glad I decided to check Deals Forum before going to bed. Am stalking 6pM.com now. Hopefully, I'll score something cool.
  5. Thanks for the heads up
  6. Thanks for letting us know! The website says that the sale will start at 10:10 am EST.
  7. Sale will begin at 10:10 EST. I guess 10:10 AM?
  8. another 7hrs or so to go..i wonder what brands will be on sale?
  9. I've been looking forward to this for days, I hope I find some goodies :smile:
  10. Some of the $10 stuff is already posted, but I hope they add more at 10:10 AM because I'm not impressed.
  11. nothing exciting IMO.mostly bathing suits
  12. horrible selection. 6pm is not like they use to be.
  13. Really sad selection
  14. Oh holy disappointment!
  15. I have been waiting for days !! Nothing is $10 either. $12.00 and up! Smh...