6889239124--Caramel bag on ebay

  1. Hi all,
    What do you think of the caramel color? is it a lighter or darker tan? does this one look good to you? Sorry, wish I knew how to link to e-bay....
  2. its a true tan.
  3. it looks really nice, and a GREAT price.
  4. Ok all--step away from the carmel day bag!! I have dibs!
  5. Go For It!
  6. umm.. unfortunetly it doesnt work like that. eBay is free territory.

    not that i'm planning on bidding, but just to let yah know! every time a cheap bag is up on eBay and someone posts about it, the price goes up b/c you just told a whole forum of bag-a-holics about it...
  7. Of course!! I was only kidding-- everyone bid away!
  8. lol... just didnt want you to have unrealistic expectations! i'm rooting for you though!
  9. congrats!! great price. i bid on the black but bid low as i wasn't sure i wanted it. assuming it is authentic, you got it at a steal!
  10. good deal!! i'm glad you got it! and for an excellent price too!! :yahoo:

    seems like now is a good time to be a buyer! WOOHOO!
  11. Thanks!! I will compare it to my day bags as soon as I get it. Oh how I hope it is authentic!
  12. Congrats, macp6!You got a great deal! :smile:
  13. GORGEOUS !!!! CONGRATS macp :flowers:..... great deal, beautiful caramel color - I love it :love::yes:
  14. Thanks so much for all your good wishes. I can't believe I got at such a great deal and can't wait to wear it!!:rolleyes: