6828 satchel on shoulder?

  1. nope...it's handheld...unless you're super skinny.
  2. No such luck on that ;)! thanks!

  3. yeah, doesn't look like it...
  4. i posted a pic of it on, but i can't find it, so here's another.
  5. I've tried this on in the store, and I'm not super super skinny, but I was able to get it over my shoulder. It wasn't too flattering though.. the up in the pit look was not hot !
  6. ^ yup

    not to mention the 8k05 version just went to outlet. so you might be able to catch it there.

    IMO it's cuter then that one

    but definitely not a shoulder bag
  7. Thank you blackbutterfly, for posting a pic - very helpful. And thanks everyone for the great and quick info.
  8. I have an all leather one that if I put the straps on the longest setting, I can fit it over my shoulder. It's not exactly the most comfortable thing, but it works. Here are some old pics.
    rw6.jpg rw7.jpg
  9. i did the same thing, but i still said no, because when i think of wearing a shoulder bag, I assumed she wanted it strictly for shouldering (like a hobo or something)...i can fit it under my arm, but it's terribly uncomfortable, and it looks strange with it poofing out, it doesn't just lay flat against the body.