65th Anniversary Legacy Tote

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  1. I'm new to this site and I'm glad to see there are other girls as into Coach as me. Does anyone else have the 65th Anniversary Limited Edition Legacy Tote style bag? I got it last Christmas time. Mine is number 809 of 1000. I've never seen anyone else with it, but I know your out there somewhere! Its my all time favorite bag so I'd love to talk to some other owners.
  2. That is one gorgeous bag. I've never seen it before!
  3. Wow, It's very pretty!! I have seen the Ali with the same design up on eBay a couple of times.. I didn't know they made a tote!
  4. Wow gorgeous bag and looks like it is really well made too ! And the handles look wide and sturdy and comfortable. Love it with the legacy scarf too !
  5. WOW Gorgeous!!!!!
  6. thanks girls, I hope to find someone else on here that has her too!
  7. The scarf actually came with it, specially made for the bag. I almost had a heartattack when I saw this bag in the store. I NEEDED it! haha
  8. Wow, that is absolutely STUNNING! And how nice, the scarf came WITH it! Lucky you for snatching it up...congrats!
  9. I don't have the limited Edition one but I just bought this bag in Khaki/White. I have not used her yet- waiting till spring. Is your's heavy or comfortable to carry? She is very pretty with her scarf!!

    Here is mine:
  10. I find it to be one of my most comfortable bags to wear on the arm. The straps are a longer and sturdier than the straps on my gallery totes. I only use the bag in warmer weather, but I would imagine it might be a little bit of a tight fit over a bulky jacket. The straps on your new bag look like they may be a little longer though. Congrats on the purchase!
  11. Thanks for showing us your bag! That is one gorgeous bag! I've never seen this before. You're lucky you got one! I wish I had one!! :smile: What's the style # for this? Do you know if it came in any other colors?
  12. There were no other colors, but another style with a flap that someone mentioned. I think there was one other style too but I cant remember what it looked like. I got it at the NYC Coach on Madison Ave, and was told that of the 1000 made, there were 500 in the U.S, only available at the NYC Coach and the LA Coach, and the other 500 were in Tokyo. They were only available in store, not online. I know I saved the tag but I have recently moved so its probably packed away somewhere.

    I also saw the matching coin purse wallet at the outlet over the summer. I should have scooped it up, but it was over $200 even at the outlet! Yikes!
  13. I saw this bag about 2 weeks ago at my outlet. It was with all the ali's in the clearance section. I didn't look at the price though. That bag didn't come with the scarf.
  14. Well perhaps it didnt have the scarf at the outlet, someone may have removed it. It def. came with my bag when i bought it in store last year.
    Which outlet was it at? I have some friends who would love to get their hands on one!
  15. Its a really beautiful bag.. :smile:
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