$657 beautiful Chloe Patsy in White!

  1. 2007_05312007May0006.JPG
  2. You look FANTASTIC with the Patsy tote! :tup:
    Actually, all the bags behind you look as great! :nuts:

    Could you tell me what kind of closure, if any, is on the Patsy?
    You've definitely raised my interest!

    Thanks for sharing! :p
  3. The bag looks fantastic!
    May I please ask how tall are you? Thee are no dimensions at NM but description says 'small'.
  4. Congrats!That bag looks great on you.:smile:
  5. Is that a handbag or a shoulder bag. Looks like it can be both. LOVE IT~
  6. I love all the other bags in the background too...nice collection!
  7. OMG Chloe heaven! :nuts: I have the same Edith messenger as you do!

  8. LOL That's the same thing I thought when I saw the pic! It looks like the heavens are opening up to say 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'. :p

    I love your bags! Just beautiful!!!! :heart:
  9. i have the same bag in black and i luv it too, congrats!!!
  10. I just love your photo! the bag is beautiful!
  11. you have got the most devine collection. You wear your Chloe beautifully :smile:
  12. so jealous! great bags Layney!
  13. Congrats! The bag looks great on you. Gosh, for a sec I thought it was Chloe-land behind you. :smile:
  14. Ooops....
  15. Thanks for the kind words everyone! As for the other Chloes behind me - they were all returned except the chocolate and red paddies (both from AR) and the small black paddy pouch (NM). Edith's are not really for me - too stiff and structured.

    febby'sbigsis - There's no closure on top - it's an open tote. The zippers on the side are good for opening the bag wider so you can see what's on the bottom.

    novosibirsk - I am 5'6" . Dimensions are 13"W x 12"H x 6"D (at bottom). Strap drop - 7.5".

    poosdarling - Yup, it fits nicely on my shoulder!

    shoptfs - Hooray for our Patsy's!!! How long have you had yours? And did you condition it with a leather moisturizer?