$650 to spend!! What to get??

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  1. I'm a teacher so we're coming to the end of the school year. Today our school comptroller told me that I could either get paid for all the personal/sick days I didn't take this year or roll them over to next year. So, what do you think I did?? I TOOK THE MONEY, BABY!!! :yahoo:

    So now I have about $650 dollars to spend and I've been lurking in this forum lately and I LVOE everything!! :heart:

    I love the sweet monogram jewelry line and I've been drooling over Damier Azur ever since it came out!! I need some help from the experts to narrow everything down.

    What's your favorite recent LV purchase that was $650 (maybe a little over--he he)? All reccomendations are welcome. My current LV collection includes a mono speedy 25, damier azur cles, and pomme cles. :nuts:

    This is gonna be a tough decision!!

    Also, does anyone have an SA they reccomend for the Naples, FL store?
  2. i'd buy a bag..batignolles..speedy...or if you want jewellry and some accessories like mini poch acc. or poch acc. Congrats!!
  3. You've been drooling over Azur? Why not an Azur Speedy?? :graucho:
  4. umm... I don't remember what I last bought... I think it was shoes???....wow that was a LONG time ago back in April(?)...... So ya, you need to buy SHOES!!! lol

    EDIT: I remember! lol it was sunnies!!! these are perfect for your price range! :yes:
  5. I would get something Azur for sure!
  6. You could get:
    An Azur speedy
    Azur Saleya (since you already have a speedy)
    Monogram Neverfull
    Batignolles regular

    New Trunks & Bags mini pochette + some sweet monogram jewelry
    An azur cles + sweet monogram jewelry

    My favorite recent purchase that was under $700 (well it was like $750) was buying the new Trunks and Bags coin purse, Stephen Sprouse scarf, and LVOE bandeau!
  7. I think you're a mind reader!! I've definitely beeing eyeing those in the window!! I already have a speedy so I'm thinking of changing it up a bit though...I'm just not sure!!
  8. Great suggestions, twiggers! You have such a fabulous collection!

    I've been eyeing the Neverfull lately, would the PM fit on one's shoulder?

    OOOh, the LVOE bandeau is so gorgeous! Do you get a lot of use out of it?

    Do you have reccomendations for sweet monogram jewelry? I love the ring, but the earrings might be too large for me!
  9. I would go for an Azur speedy or BH.
  10. Yeah, same here, the BH is such a great bag!! very very functionable and cute~
  11. Azur pochette maybe? And then some accessories, like a charm bracelet or earrings or maybe the multicolore pastilles bracelet.
  12. A BH would be great for you! Since you're a teacher you can carry tons of stuff you'll need for class since it's such a large bag. Like books, laptop, or whatever else you use. Or if you just want to get school totally off your mind get an azur pochette! It's small and you'll feel like going out and having a good time! It's under $300 so you could get some jewelry or something else. Some sweet monogram earrings would be cute! Or the LVOE brooch. One TPFer pinned it to her pochette and it was adorable! You could also buy the new Multicolor key chain, which is really cute! I'm sure anything you choose will be awesome!
  13. Azur speedy or Vernis Reade PM in Pomme!
  14. I think you should get a Neverfull MM.
  15. So I've been checking out the visual aids thread and the Neverfull and Azur Saleya are definitely looking like possibilities, but I keep coming back to the speedy as well!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions!!
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