$650 azur speedy or pomme heart

  1. If you had $650 would you buy an azur speedy (I know it's only $620) or a pomme d'amour heart. I was able to get a heart however I came to the sad reality that I don't ever carry change and CC wouldn't fit. Rather then take it back and risk messing up my chances of getting LE stuff I sold for WHAT I PAID for it (no profit made!) I was serching on eBay and the pomme hearts are selling for around 650 bucks!!!:nuts: :nuts: That drives me crazy! Whay would people pay this kind of money!! I know it's beautiful but I'd rather buy a bag!!!

    So I pose the question would you rather have a bag, such as an azur speedy** or the pomme heart (at the eBay price not what it sold for)??

    **(I picked this one cuz it's hot right know but really any bag in this price range can apply, please name your other bag!)
  2. bag bag bag bag!!!!!
    im tired of small useless things! i cant wait until the end of march when i go to lv and get my BIG bag!
  3. If you were considering getting the heart in the store then I'd say the heart, no further questions. But since you don't really have any use for it, the bag would be a much better choice. There really isn't any reason why you should pay nearly double for something you know you're not going to use when you can have a bag you KNOW you'd use instead.
  4. I'd get the DA Azur Speedy. ;)
  5. ^^Rebecca- No I don't want to buy a heart as I have no use for it, I was just pointing out that since the heart's are no longer available at LV people are selling them at a premium, and it shocks me that people would pay this when you could buy a bag.
  6. I'd buy a bag in a heartbeat (I actually passed on the Heart for the same reasons you sold it for)
  7. bag for sure...I could get more use out of a bag, because I don't usually carry things small enough to put in a heart. don't get me wrong, the pomme heart is very pretty though :love:
  8. speedy
  9. Ah. I get it now. But yeah I guess if people want it bad enough, they'll pay for it. My SA told me she sold the very last Perle heart in the company the other day, the Pomme is gone and she never even got to see a Framboise one. The only ones that are more readily available are the MC ones, otherwise, you're pretty much out of luck. So I guess in this case, the prices aren't all that horrible for those who can afford it since the stores are sold out of them now.
    Also, it seems like the DA Speedys have been selling for a premium on eBay..about double the price.
  10. I'd buy the bag for sure. I'd get much more use out of it
  11. i'd buy a bag for suuuure!
  12. definitely a bag!
  13. I'd say the bag. I picked up the Pomme flat pouch on Feb. 1st, it has been in the box ever since, but I refuse to part with it. It's not the heart, I know, the point is you definitely would have more use out of the bag than the heart....
  14. Azur Speedy for sure :yes:
  15. I'd get the speedy, since it sounds like you would get more use out of it, and I'm not one to have something just sitting in my closet looking pretty. I like to use the things I buy.