65% off @ Southhampton Black Friday


Mar 4, 2007
I bought the last Zucca ! Lindsey said it was on hold for someone else , but they never called back for it ! Yay . And it is a Christmas present from my father so I'm so excited ! I did'nt buy anything from AS the first time around because it was'nt one of my must have prints . But at 65% off it does pay to wait ! Lidsey said the print placement was great so I can't wait to see it for myself ! It will be a Tokidoki Christmas for me !
Tokidoki Momma, did you get your Zucca yet? I just love looking at Zuccas...
Aug 18, 2007
Yes I did ! It came last friday afternoon . I will try to post pics tonight . I just got back from a weekend out of town . Grandpa and Grandma had my son Mason stay with them this past week . ( Due to the fact that both my husband and I were down with colds ! ) But I was happy to see my Zucca safe and sound from Southhampton . I'm happy with the placement ! I was going to buy a Buon Viaggo or Gioco in Adios Star , but I see they're already sold out ! =-( Maybe I can still snag a Campeggio ! We will see . Hope you are well . It's almost Christmas ladies are you ready ?


Sep 25, 2007
St. Paul, MN
Well they take an additional discount for the day after xmas!~

Is that a question or are you serious that they will take an additional discount? haha that would be awesome if it was true!

@sooyeon: I think they have very few Fumo - taken from the tokidoki blog like two weeks ago?
Fumo @ 65% off the retail price:
Bocce $30.80
Ciao $42.00
Gioco $56.00
Luna $73.50
Nuvola $64.40
Scuola $60.20
Trenino $104.30