$65 BIN Black BV Clutch

  1. It looks like a nice vintage bag. Too bad it's missing a shoulder strap--can't think of any other purpose for the 2 loops on the frame. The closed tassel pulls are a vintage detail on many older bags. what a deal!

    Looks just right for you, Miss Bunkie!
  2. Oh, I wish! I just got a black clutch and think I need to put a brake on this horrible end-of-fall buying spell I'm in.

    But I wanted to let everyone here know about this beauty for such a bargain price!!
  3. Awwww. TY. I showed it to my best friend because I was so indecisive and he just bought it for me. Thank you guys~!
  4. Yay!!! Congrats!!
  5. It's a great deal. The vintage bags are so soft, you realize the quality leather and craftsmanship.

    Good for you, chinadoll!
  6. congrats! I'm so glad someone got it.
  7. Thanks! I'm so excited for my first taste of BV. Hopefully, it won't start a new line of lusting . . .
  8. ^ Please share pics when you receive it chinadoll. Congrats on your first BV, hope this it only the start ;)