$630 whiskey Edith satchel on NM!!!

  1. Your killing me with all these cute bags your finding on NM!!!!!! I guess I can justify buying another since I"m sending two bags back.:graucho:

  2. NOT my fault!!! A few months ago I was minding my own business, with boring bags. Then suddenly I cam upon this forum, was turned on to Chloe and then everyone began enabling ME so now I have become one. I'm a victim, I tell ya! And so are you! :rolleyes:
  3. WHEW! I thought it was the regular satchel, almost had a heart attack.

    thanks for posting!
  4. I was going to go for it, then I went to my Saks. Guess what they just got in, yes the whiskey Edith and it was already marked down to $663. My SA is holding it for the second cut, an additional 33% and if I open a Saks account then another 10%:yahoo:.