$6225 Chanel Lucky Charm wedge shoes for lucky girl?

  1. I saw this in the C magazine.

  2. :wtf: Wow!
  3. sorry, not lucky enough, pass
  4. Jeez..Is that a typo???LMAO??

    I hope so!
  5. WHOA!!!! LOL- I estimated that they'd be 1K- darn was I wayyy off! I'd rather have the bag!
  6. OMG! a bag, okay i can get it!
    but a shoes??? i have to stepped on $6225 :wtf:
  7. wow! that's a LOT of $$!! I don't think I can ever spend more than $500 on shoes. :wtf:
  8. WOW!!!!!!!! for a pair of shoes?!?!?!
  9. Fabulous, they are so cute! :love:
    Thanks for posting.
  10. So my Louboutin's are a bargain after all:yes:
  11. WOT??? OMG.:wtf::wtf:

    Money grows on trees in chanel land. :shrugs:
  12. I don't like them.
  13. 6K for a pair of wedge? I think it's a little too much!!!!
  14. That price is a little extreme.
  15. sorry, they kinda look like hooker shoes :roflmfao: