$62 for a keyfob?!!

  1. It is really rare, but that's a bit much. But I'm sure someone out there's willing to pay that much if they really wanted it.

    That's not even an actual picture of the keyfob... who knows if they're actually selling a fake... :s
  2. Yeah it's expensive for a keyfob...!!
  3. dang maybe I need to put mine on there.
  4. ITA with margaritamix... who knows.
  5. I just got mine and paid no where near that even with shipping.
  6. Is the turtle really that rare?
  7. Well if it is REAR that is probably worth it for someone that is kicking themselves for not having both it when it was in the stores. But she does not even have a real pic. It can even be a fake one, and thats a big price to pay for a maybe.
  8. I bought mine at the store when it came out last April. It was $38.
    I guess if someone really wants something, they will pay whatever to get it!
  9. I would LOVE a turtle, but i'm not willing to pay that much for it!
  10. lol maybe I should throw mine up there. I finally replaced my turtle with the skull in November. this makes me want to get my turtle back out.
  11. Wow, that is really expensive for a keyfob. I'm not sure if those are rare on eBay, but that's too much in my opinion.
  12. I got mine from the same seller when the price was lower; the font on the Coach small metal plaque and the back of the turtle looks right, and there's the "O" stamped on the back of the turtle, so it is real. However, it is truly shocking how high she's set the new price.
  13. She's the seller who I asked for an actual picture of the key fob and then she raised the price. It was $43 when I asked for the picture, then she raised the remaining one in the auction (of 4) to $59. Now she wants even more. I really want the turtle, but I will not pay that much for it!
  14. Wow that is just crazy! Thats a ton of money for a keychain!