60th birthday gift ideas?

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  1. One of the classic cases of "what to buy the man who has it all."

    My father is turning the big 6-0 in a couple weeks and I'm having trouble thinking of a gift! He has everything and buys everything his likes immediately. He's not materialistic and doesn't care for fancy things. His one obsession is golf (has received all the golf related gifts possible and is even going to Scotland for a golfing trip in July).

    He likes sentimental things. He loved the engraved picture frame my brother and I gave him a couple years back (it included a picture of us as kids). Anyone have any other ideas?

    What have you gotten parents as presents for their milestone birthdays? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. TIA! :flowers:
  2. How about writing down things he did that meant a lot to you over the years? The good things you learned, his qualities that you appreciate.
  3. Great idea, boxer!
    Or how about a professional photo session with the whole family? Maybe outside at a location that really means something to him.
  4. Goodl luck trying to figure out something. My dad only accepts cash gifts.
  5. caxe: LOL!

    boxermom...good idea. we're throwing him a big party, so maybe that could be part of a toast (i'd get weepy though...so not sure if i could even speak!).

    vegas - that might be a good idea during the party. my brother and i live in a different cities and my father lives in another country, so we couldn't do that beforehand!

    thanks for the suggestions...still thinking. we're debating on an engraved watch, but he has so many watches already!
  6. gee......since you're throwing him a party, is there someone he would love to see that he hasn't maybe seen in awhile? My FIL just had his 60th, MIL threw a party and had invited an old neighbor of theirs, he had no idea, he was so surprised and happy to see this buddy again. It was a touching moment that I know meant alot to him.

    Also, another idea....you could take photos throughout the party and put a photo album together for him afterwards. That would be very thoughtful.

    No matter what, I know what it's like...... when they have everything they want and need, just enjoy the celebration and making lasting memories, that's really the greatest gift.