$600 sunglasses - what to trade them for?

  1. My husband bought me a pair of Chanel sunglasses for $600 over the weekend. They are the 6026b model - black with swarovski crystals. I love them but wonder if the $ is better spent toward a bag. Thoughts?
  2. If you already have Chanel sunnies that you love then I would probably put the $600 towards a bag. But, that's just me.
  3. O:huh:O:huh::huh:O, I LOVE that style. I REALLY REALLY wanted them. Although, if you have Chanels that you already love I agree with bullshopper, put it towards a bag.
  4. Would love to see a pic -- I didn't even know Chanel glasses ran over $400!

    As for me, I personally wouldn't spend $600 on sunglasses... I'd rather put it towards a bag. BUT if you love them (they're yours, after all!), keep them!
  5. I'd also love to see what they look like :yes:
  6. would it hurt your husbands feelings if you did that? I mean you dont want to jepodise future money spent on you do you? thats worth thinking about ;) dont want to take away bag money!!!

    if he is ok with it than maybe trade them in for a cheaper pair of designer sunnies and put the rest of the cash in a bag fund? then you both win.
  7. I was just looking at those! They are very special... but the CC on the side, is in a sparkling 'sunburst' for lack of a better word, and it makes the logo very prominent. You have to like that look.

    If you love them, and have other bags, I think you should keep them. But only if you love them. Post pictures so we can tell you what we think!
  8. i say keep them unless u hate them

    i wouldnt want to hurt his feelings