$600 Question: What to buy?

  1. I am going to have about $600 dollars to spend out of my tax refund. I have been trying like mad to get something off of the NM sales, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.
    Sooooooo, I'm going to ask y'all.:yahoo:

    I am looking at some of the new Koobas as well as Botkiers. However, I have also been obsessed with the LV Canvas Speedy.

    Give me some names and pictures of some bags in my range, please? Faves?
  2. if i had the money it would be a hard up between this


    or this


    and a lil more but THIS.... mmm... (in whiskey would be perfect)


    and a handful of others i have attached as pictures. the numbers after the picture name are the prices, and the picture names should describe the bag :yes: as i find them i'll add them (after work) as my next bag might be in that price range and i've been looking diligently! (wow thats a lot) lol sry! have fun looking and tell me what you think because these are ALL from my I WISH!!! wishlist!
    Blonde Devin Kooba 535.jpg Red Kooba Elisha 535.jpg Sasha Hobo Botkier in Pudding 495.jpg Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo wTassel in Colbalt 398.jpg Hayden Harnett Barnard Crossbody, Saddle, 395.jpg
  3. Ooooh. How 'bout a Kooba Nicole in Luggage for 595.00

  4. I would get a Kooba Elisha in red :yahoo:
  5. speedy. in either mono or epi. but if you don't already have one, my vote is DEF for speedy baby!
  6. If you can spend a little more, the speedy is the way to go!:yes:
  7. This is an interesting post for me because I too kind of have this dilemma. I have had my mind (and heart) set on a Speedy for awhile now, but every time I get close I get distracted by one of these fabulous Kooba, Botkier, etc. brands that are just a tad less....they are so easy to buy with all of the coupon codes floating around for them and I am a sucker for soft yummy leather! So that makes it tough! :shrugs:
  8. I like Coach, but I just bought this one last month.


    I'm definitely want something high end. And something different. There are a lot of canvas LVs around, plenty of them fakes as well. I love some of the Kooba designs, but should I maybe buy one of the on-sale versions to try out?
  9. Definitely get a Speedy in Mono or Damier - so classic, and you'll love it for years to come.
  10. Definitely the Speedy Mono, 25 or 30. A classic!
  11. I realized part of the problem.............I keep seeing pictures on here of all these great bags, and they throw me in the pits of bag despair!!!:hysteric:

    Saw a thread earlier for Tano bags. Sooooooooo cute. I guess I have to decided.

    Legacy or quantity............
  12. I'd go for LV
  13. for $600, i'd go for an LV monogram speedy 25 or an LV damier azur speedy 25.
  14. well as far as i see it, there are NICE bags by designers like coach, and then there is a step up from that in the 300-500 range, like kooba and botkier etc etc. you could probably squeeze a Tano and a Coach in that 600 dollar range.

    if you work this right you could definately get 2 bags :yes: or one Kooba Elisha or Devin hehehe.....
  15. [​IMG]

    My vote if definitely for a Kooba...especially loving the Elisha....can you tell?? ; - P