$600 Question: Narrowing Down the Choices

  1. So I am going to be spending around 600 for a new bag. First really expensive bag purchase. I have narrowed it down to these bags. Does anyone have them/an or what do you think of them?:yahoo: [​IMG]
    LV Canvas


    Juicy Couture

    I have to have a zip top bag because I always dump everything with a tote. :push:
  2. What is the third one?

    I think for the $$ I would go with the LV ;)
  3. Oops, I should have labeled them. All done:wlae:
  4. I :heart: the LV speedy! I have it in the multicolore, damier azur, and mini lin prints and I think it's a great buy for the money! Have you thought about the speedy in regular Damier?? If you're looking for a light, low maintenance handbag, that's one of the best IMO!
  5. Oh okay it's a Juicy! I thought I recognized the crest ;)

    Definitely my vote is for te LV. It's the best value for your money, and timeless, IMO! :yes:
  6. Def. the LV Speedy out of these 3... my first purchase was an LV... :graucho:
  7. I would go for the LV as well
  8. I think that's the best bet. It's one I've been wanting forever and ever. And as much as I like the Koobas, they just don't seem practical for me.
    Does anyone have their eye on a mid-price range bag in a splashy color? I would like to get a bright bag for spring/summer but I don't want to be stuck with a really expensive one that I might not use again for a while.
  9. I own a lot of LV, but frankly, for the money, I would go for the Kooba. Black goes with everything and you don't have to worry about the vachetta or the speedy "sag factor." The Kooba looks like it would keep its shape better than the speedy. I prefer leather anyway. Just my preference.
  10. I vote for the LV Speedy. That was my first $600 bag too. :p

    I think it's the most classic out of all of the bags you posted.
  11. LV. It seems like you'd get the most use out of it. And I, personally, like it way better than the other two.
  12. :nuts: How much is the Kooba?
  13. I think your first luxury item should be a Louis Vuitton! My first major purchase was a LV!
    Buy the Speedy!
    What size are you thinking? The 25 or 30?
  14. speedy
  15. the speedy is the best for that price and you never have to worry about it going out of style :wlae: ever