$600 for Chanel sunglasses... too much?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I tried on the Chanel limited edition sunglasses this weekend and loved it. I have the hardest time finding sunglasses that fits and these were perfect. However, the price is a bit steep. Would you pay $600 for a pair of sunglasses? I am debating if I should put that much in a pair of sunnies. Have you seen them and what do you think?
    sorry, I don't have pictures of them. They are considered a medium sized frame with "bling-bling" designs on the sides... which has the small cc in the middle of the sunburst design and are made with all crystals.
    Do you think it justifies for the cost?
  2. I fell in love with some $480 LV sunglasses today that I will probably get so I am not ther best one to ask :roflmfao: If they really fit well and you will wear them alot I say go for it!
  3. it's a bit much but worth it if these will be the only sunglasses that you own. however... imagine if you dropped them or scratched them or something. personally, i wouldn't get them because it would be a hassle since i would be really anal about them all the time. i prefer getting sunnies i don't have to worry too much about. ones that i won't :crybaby:over if they get hurt.
  4. I probably wouldn't pay $600 for sunglasses.
  5. I paid exactly that for some beautiful limited Dior sunglasses....don't usually do that because I tend to forget my sunglasses on tables and things when out and about...this pair I hang onto for dear life....:sweatdrop:
  6. i think it's a bit too much for a sunglasses. yeah even though it's a brand name sunglasses but still .....
  7. if you truly love em get them no matter the price :yes:
  8. I wouldn't make a habit of spending that much, but if you adore them and are good about not losing sunglasses I would go for it! My Chanel sunnies were about $450 and I really love them.
  9. i dont think i'll pay that much for sunnies...
  10. I wouldn't. It's way more than I'm comfortable spending on sunglasses. But to each its own.
  11. I would if you really love them. As in, you have dreams about them and no matter what other glasses you try on they pale in comparison and every time you try on an outfit all you can think is "this would be perfect if I only had those sunglasses".
  12. it's up to you, if you really love them, get them!
  13. The model is 6026B. They come in black, brown and white. They have the small swarovski crystal CC's on both sides of the arms and then "rays" coming out on both sidesof the CC's. Go check eBay for a pic. Just type in the model number I gave you.

    I love em!
  14. I think I tried those same pair not too long ago. They are so hot!!!! Get um! lol
  15. I think Amazon carries this sunnies for a lot less. Check it out...no harm. Good luck!