60-year-old N.J. woman delivers twins

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  1. wow I am glad things are okay and everyone is doing fine. I wish her a long and happy life with those little babies
  2. holy crap!! what was she thinkin? LOL j/k
    if thats what she wants then...thats up to her, BUT i do think its a lil selfish because she might not make it to see them off to college!!
    My daughter will be 40 when i am 60!! LOL!! (watch me get pregnant at like 45, eek!)
  3. wow! i'm glad to hear she's ok.
  4. Congrats to her! I saw it on the news too, and its pretty amazing.

    I know by the time I'm 60, I'll be done with having kids, but I'll be expecting grandkids though!
  5. Since her husband is older, when something happens to her, the responsibility for her child will most likely go to her older children in their 30's. I also agree that it's selfish of her to have the twins without talking it over with her older children (they aren't happy with their 60yo mom having the twins).
  6. Her life, her business. Glad all are healthy. She seems to have a good attitude. And she doesn't look or act 60 (whatever that is these days.)
  7. i totally agree. not only that, but the older you get, the more risk for problems you have with the babies. even 38 years old is already considered a high risk pregnancy. the baby has a higher risk of getting down's syndrome and other problems the older the mother is. i think it's selfish of her to do it. she may not look or act 60...but she is 60. what will happen to the kids if her and her husband pass away early? that's a lot of responsibility to give to her other children.
  8. I think it's a blessing to be able to have twins and at 60 bingo... that's really amazing... so happy for her...
  9. She doesn't look like she is 60, more like in her late 40s. Without modern medical advances, a lot of people (young or old) can't have children. Who are we to judge what people should or should not desire in their hearts? She is a professional, so hopefully she has financial means to support these kids and she will set up some sort of trust to make sure her kids have a guardian in case something happens to her. I am in my 30s, when I have my baby I will make sure I have a 'back up' system in case something happens to me and/or my husband. You just never know what will happen, young or old.

    I wish her and her family well.
  10. I just wonder how she will manage when they are toddlers. I have twins who are coming up for 2 and they are totally delightful, but hard work, and I am a fairly youthful 33.

    I am not judging whether it is right or wrong, just wondering if she'll be able to keep up with them.
  11. [​IMG]
    Happy family: Frieda Birnbaum (right) aged 60, is the oldest American woman to have given birth to twins, with husband Kenneth and the doctor who performed the operartion Dr. Abdulla Al-Khan (centre)
  12. Well good for her! I'm glad everything turned out well and they look very happy. I can't say I would do the same, but who am I to judge? And while it's true that women have higher risk pregnancies the older they are, you don't hear as much about "advanced paternal age" and all the harm that can come from having a father over the age of 35-40. Men over that age have a higher risk of giving their children all manner of awful diseases and syndromes, but we never hear about that do we? That's certainly a discussion worth having as well. At any rate, I'm glad everyone seems happy and healthy!