60% off Chickdowntown for 24 hours!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Thx for posting...I just got $62 off a DVF silk shirt that was already marked down!
  3. wowza! haha thanks for posting!
  4. I've had no experience ordering from them, but some people have had issues and others have had no problems. Hopefully you'll get your things in a timely manner! :rolleyes:
  5. Buyer Beware! shop at your own risk!
  6. I really think any posts about this company should be also accompanied with a warning. Someone ordered from this post not knowing the problems with Chickdowntown.
  7. some people have had ok experiences with them (I have not) but I just wanted to make my fellow Tpf ladies aware of some of their shady business practices:


    Shop with caution ladies! They still have hundreds of my dollars- which I am fighting to get back!
  8. Funny how they suddenly stopped sending me emails for offers after I had so many problems with them!
  9. thanks for the warnings, i've never ordered with them!!
    tpf is so great this way :smile:
  10. the warnings are absolutely correct, i'd only wish i'd known about it two months ago when i saw someone else post their black friday sale and i ordered some boots! i cancelled the order more than a month ago and i still haven't been refunded the money; i've seen many TPFers' complaints about ordering stuff and being charged immediately, only to be told a day or two later that the item was sold out. basically, they've taken a lot of people's money here on this board and not returned any of it. so please, do exercise caution at this store.
  11. Almost everything is out of stock...
  12. i had ordered a pair of jeans in october from here.. its now jan. and still no jeans.. everytime i call they say "sorry but they will be shipped shortly"
  13. I've purchased from them twice before and everything was OK but now, I don't even dare after hearing all of these horror stories which seem to increase w/ each passing day.
  14. Does discount show during the checkout? It seems the the code is not working for me
  15. I shopped with them twice. First time was ok, the next time they omited an item. Judging from the complaints I was VERY lucky to get my money back...I had to hound them by phone and email for a week though. I'll never shop with them again.