60 days and 4 chanels later....

  1. 60 days ago, I had 0 chanels. Now, I have 4!!!!
    L to R: Purple lambksin jumbo, black large rock & chain, small black diamond stitch tote and in the center new red lambskin flap with new chain.

  2. What a GORGEOUS collection! And that purple is TDF...
  3. Beautiful collection! Now your a chanel pro! Congrats!
  4. Lovely bags!
  5. Holy sh*t!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely LOVE them all - especially the purple flap!!!!!!!!! :love: :love:

    Congrats on your fab collection!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I am SOO jealous of your purple jumbo and red new chain :drool: Congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  7. OH MY!!!:drool:
    Beautiful choices!:yes:
  8. wowwww cisforcoco, u DID ur shopping :dothewave:

    ur large rock and chain is what i envy the most :drool:

    u should modeled them for us :yes:
  9. wow i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    welcome to the club!LOL!!
  10. GORGEOUS!!!:love: I esp. love the black one in the middle (:shame: I know very little about CHANEL)
  11. They are all so beautiful, I would have a hard time deciding which one to carry each day.
  12. awesome collection. :yes:
  13. I fainted.
    Love the purple and red.
  14. thanks everyone!

    I love all of my bags..they are very trendy and well im pretty young..so their will always be time for classic later in life haha!

    btw, H_addict, the one in the middle is my brand new rock and chain flap from the new rock and chain collection....its a great everyday bag!
  15. Wow the purple is amazing!! I think I need it!!!!!!! :yahoo: