60-70% off in the Stockholm stores

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  1. I had to leave Jacquetta for repairs today but checked out what remained of the sale. Everything was 60% off, and a few bags were at 70%. No more black Poppy Satchels, but the white ones were at 70%.. I nearly bought one anyway, but really wouldn't do so well with a white :smile:

    The large black Mabel in goatskin was gorgeous though... and there was an orange Poppy, and a tiny bronze Poppy (I think!) and lots of Maxi Mabels. There were some Spazzaletto Bayswaters, and several Maggies.

    The NK store had 60%, but I didn't go in to see what bags they had left - mostly bright colored Mabels, I think.
  2. wow! I wish they had in mulberry.com same kind of discounts! :nuts:
  3. They had the same kind of discounts in the Gothenburg store too, great prices, esp. if you ike bringt colours (lots of orange and fuschia). They had fab prices on mabels also, but not on the black medium size. Didn't see any poppys, but small & large mabels and maggies in various shiny colours. This sale is much more interesting than last years, I would say.
  4. anyone see the price of large black mabel?
  5. Sorry, didn't notice the price. They had one in the Gothenburg Mulberry shop last week. Maybe give them a call to check if its still around? 031-7101270
  6. I would call but can't speak swedish lol
  7. Oh, the staff definitely speak English :smile:

    Salikons - I just noticed it was on 60%, but I didn't look at the starting price.. I'm guessing 10' or 11' SEK..?
  8. I'm a bit bummed. I didn't buy pebble when it was 50% off, and then I ccalled after reading this today and they had all sold out at 60%. Could have gotten it if I had been a bit more vigilant, probably just as well though. It may have been large rather than medium (the shop assistant didn't know the difference and it was over the phone) and I prefer medium.