60-70% off at www.shopzoeonline.com, marc jacobs hudson, chloe, etc.

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  1. hi! just wanted to say that shopzoeonline.com is having 60%-70% off their fall/winter bags, shoes, etc. they don't have much left but i just checked and they still have the marc jacobs hudson for $893, a sissi rossi bag for $380, etc. cute chloe and marc jacobs boots and shoes on sale, too! anyway, check them out!! :smile:
  2. Whoa, they have a Hogan Guitar satchel for 60% off!

  3. Wow I really like it... couldn't afford it before but this price is amazing... very very tempting... :drool:
  4. yes, their customer service is awesome, too!!!! :smile: happy shopping!
  5. can't believe no one snatched that Hogan bag yet!
  6. do you know if they have a phone number that you can call to ask about items? all i found on their website was one for after your order has been placed. tia.
  7. i found their number...and i placed my order. no tax to ny, even tho they have a store in brooklyn, sweet! $8 shipping for standard 5 -7 business days.
  8. I bought my dream bag.....the Gryson Olivia in Military, on sale at 60% off :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: can't wait to receive it :heart:
  9. Thanks, I have never heard of this site. Looks like another bookmark.:shame:
  10. that sissi rossi bag is oh so tempting...been eyeing for an sissi rossi bag for a long time, but i still want the lambskin kind. $$$!!!
  11. yeah, i got an anna corinna bag that retailed for $600 for only $240!!! woo hoo.
  12. ohh thanks for the heads up. i am a little scared to buy shoes though b/c they don't allow returns on sale items. hmm. . should I, does anyone thing the prices are going to go down more soon?
  13. Pixiestar-you're so lucky! You must have gotten the last (only?) one. Don't see any Gryson's listed in the sale section. Enjoy:yes:
  14. Congrats pixiestar!!! That's so exciting!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Don't forget to post pics when you get it!!!
  15. any pics yet???