6 Year-Old Boy Drives Grandmothers Car To Applebee's

  1. Ughh...why Applebees? :p

    This story is crazy!
  2. BROOMFIELD, Colo. - A hungry 6-year-old grabbed his grandmother's car keys, positioned his child seat behind the steering wheel and tried to drive himself to an Applebee's restaurant.

    He didn't get far.

    Unable to take the car out of reverse, the boy backed up 75 feet from her house into a transformer Tuesday, knocking out electricity and phone service to dozens of townhouses in this suburb north of Denver.
    No one was injured and the boy, whose name was not released, got out of his car and told his grandmother what happened.
    "He proceeded to start the car and started backing up," said Sgt. Colleen O'Connell of the Broomfield Police Department. "He went backward about 47 feet, hit the curb, then went backward another 29 feet."
    Investigators couldn't figure out how the boy reached the accelerator.
    No charges will be filed.
    "I have five children of my own, so I know you cannot watch them every minute they're awake," said nearby resident Nancy Hollis, whose power was knocked out by the accident
  3. Dayum. Musta been those yummy ribs they serve! :p
  4. I'm surprised he got as far as he did.. a Ricky Bobby in the making !
  5. Yep. Its shocking that he got so far.
  6. LOL? He put his child seat in too! Smart kid..
  7. What a little punk kid... :roflmfao:
  8. geez, hes pretty smart to know which pedal to step on and how to put down that e-break!
  9. thank god no one was injured. i cant imagine if he hit someone.
  10. :nuts:
  11. ITA.
  12. :wtf:
  13. OMG! Reminds me of when my parents were visiting friends & they saw the car sailing past the window with me at the wheel LOL I was about 10 LOL Lucky I was only in their drive & didn't get far, had just let off the hand brake & dad jumped in & saved the day!
  14. The title of this thread impressed me until I read the story. LOL. I was imagining a little boy driving around town, stopping at stoplights, and pulling up into the parking lot at Applebee's.