6 Reveals for the 6th Month - Sorry not Sorry...?

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  1. Want to share the sad story of how I lost my mind in Spain and then lost it again within 48 hours of coming home...

    Hope you enjoy the reveals as I try to do some soul searching on career planning. Namely, why I do not currently work for Chanel. Wait... I do! :P

    Needed time to recuperate from my travels and catching up on life.

    This sad sad story began a little while back at the beginning of June when I was in Europe... :crybaby:

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  2. SAD? what is sad about that?? That looks super exciting to me!!!!
  3. Should I laugh, or cry? Please continue ... :P
  4. UMMMMMMMMMM...............

    More please!!!!
  5. Show us!
  6. :drinks:
    Let's do this!
  7. :mad::cursing:Seriously, I blame the unreasonable amount of alcohol consumed while in a foreign country, as one does, when beer cost less than water - what is up with that?!?!?! :confused1:

    A lady cannot be expected to make rationale decisions while under the influence due to the loss of brain cells (I believe I heard their screams of agony)... :drinks:

    But in all seriousness, 3 hours after the plane landed, I was at the boutique already.

    A little long side story...

    It was crazy busy and I was TOTALLY ignored. I asked for help by at least 3 SA's and they simply tells me that they're too busy. I asked if there's a line or at least some way to know when I am next and who can I anticipate to help me - to no avail and no answer.

    So... I went to scope out the goods first on all 3 floors. Finally, after over 40 minutes of being ignored, I was NOT HAPPY - at this point, even the security guys realized that the sales people were ignoring me and told some of the SAs that they need to help me as I've been ignored.

    I cornered an SA to asked for her help and she informed me that they're busy and that I should wait (same answers I got 40 minutes ago). I informed her that while I know she's undoubtedly busy, I do not see her actively helping anyone and that I've been there for a long time and that I was not provided any specific information as to when or who would help me which is unacceptable, and unprecedented at any Chanel boutiques I've been to. No one bother to even greet me nor say Hi - not. o.k. at a commission based boutique. Really, it's just rude - be it Chanel or a flea market vendor! :mad:

    I would appreciate her help or I will be calling customer service while in the store so that I can get their help to understand what it takes to get some service in this particular boutique.

    Finally she apologized and decided to help me - and the shopping begins! She's wonderful and just really my grumpiness is a result of her rude colleagues who outright ignored me (one of them that asked me to wait as next decided to go on a long break without saying a word to me, nor asking another SA to help/fill in, after she was done with her prior customer).

    Now, the shopping begins...!

    Given the recent shopping sprees on bags, I really didn't have anything I want from recent collection. So, I was very much looking to see if there are pretty accessories as those are often hard to encounter good stock (hit or miss depending on luck). I've been looking for a classic belt for a long time but haven't seen anything that is both understated but classic.

    What am I to do when I come across the perfect one in my size?

    I plan on wearing this with longer tops, cinch jackets, or dresses at the upper waist. It's the perfect thickness and the leather on this is just amazing and beautiful in real life despite the simple design, which is what I crave, and yet so classic Chanel. It's in silver hardware so I feel it's super versatile and a style that I would continue to love for a long long time.

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  8. 20160609_023057.jpg Then, we moved on to custom jewelry. I have been thinking about adding the forever classic pieces to my collection and when thinking of classic Chanel jewelry, the long strand pearl necklace feels like a must have. However, I like simple classics with some special details that stands out so I haven't encountered one that I liked yet thus far. Since these are not cheap.. I've held off and decided to wait till I encounter the right one for me. Needless to say it paid off!

    Here's my first Chanel pearl necklace. It looks awesome doubled up as well. I love that the pearls on this is not just the typical glass pearls but rather has a mix of the elongated fresh water pearl mixed in. Additionally, the CCs are of different sizes and the style has this unique twist instead of the basic CC logo. The best part is that with all the special details in the hardware throughout, there is NO CRYSTALS needed - no fear of them falling out on this classic piece, but still feel like it's got just enough bling factor -> love! :love:

    I am happy to add this timeless classic that I know I will get lots of use out of. It was for a decent price too - especially with the huge VAT refund I got back on these items. :yahoo:
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  9. The 3rd and final item... also a classic to add to my collection, a must have if I may, that I've been looking for but haven't been able to find the right one to date. The classic LBJ. To my knowledge there has not been a Chanel classic black tweed jacket made for at least 6 years. I tried on many at the stores and while beautiful, just can't replace my "need" for the classic timeless black jacket.

    By now, I found out that the reason that the store is so busy on a weekday afternoon is because it's the launch day for the new fall items' arrival!

    They have just received only one of this jacket for the season just that morning, in one size only, and it's the 16A 4 pocket Black tweed jacket in fantasy tweed. I tried it on, it's Chanel magic and in exactly the perfect size for me, sleeve, arm, length, waist fit - everything.

    One does not say no to fate - and with VAT refund - the decision is simple. :yes:

    I so *heart* this jacket!!!! It's everything I expect it to be, and more! The design, fit and details = perfection! :loveeyes: :heart: :loveeyes:

    can't believe I was more excited about this jacket than a handbag!

    When I did the math on the 3 things I got here, after the savings of the VAT refund and the savings of the tax that I normally would have to pay, it's a bargain on timeless classic pieces. Hence the "sorry not sorry" :giggle: despite me being a bad girl...I figure these are on my classic Chanel bucket list items so it's great to get it at a saving and before further price increases...

    Multiple pics of this spectacular jacket. Love the ribbons, the different texture in the tweed, the buttons, the cut, everything! :smile:
    It's the one that Kristen Stewart wore in the campaign ads.

  10. My husband may cry when paying the credit card bills... hahahaha... actually he's quite supportive on beautiful classic pieces... :smile:
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  11. so sorry for the slow uploads.. had to resize the pics as I go... my phone takes pics of good quality but they are gigantic! :smile:
  12. So... fast forward to my triumphant return to the states... perfectly happy with the damage I've done (at this point, my kids are asking again if they will be going to college as I skype them :giggle:)

    I turned on my personal phone after I got dropped off at home and finished unpacking (I was using a different phone while outside of US). The texts kept coming from my Chanel SA.... informing me of the PRIVATE presale that is happening "tomorrow"!!!!

    What is a girl to do...?

    I calmly inform my lovely husband on the "invitation" and asked if he wants to come...

    I say, with full honestly... "they pretty much only have shoes and some custom jewelry on sale, this can't be too bad..."

    As it turns out, this is one of those times where he knows better. :P

    He accompanied me to the store, as usual...

    and I did get something on sale... so let's start with that one first...

    Only 1 pair, in my size - of course - classic pumps (of which the style rarely included for sales per my SA). At 40% off so it ends up being $540. black patent goatskin leather. super comfy. Plus I love heels (I actually get hurt frequently when I wear flats - go figure).
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  13. Eeek! 2 more! Love everything so far!
  14. Now... you think that would be it... but noooooo.... they have new stuff that just arrived in the store.. of course....

    I saw this and just kept thinking how pretty this is against a V-neck dress shirt or dress, etc... :heart:

    so... sale or not, it came home with me. Modeled by one of my favorite Disney characters - Scrump!

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  15. Finally... the last piece... I came upon this by chance - ah hem!

    Obviously not on sale... but it's in a style and material that I've been contemplating adding to my collection if the "right" one came along...

    this one just hit the stores... To my defense, my husband spotted it first and kept going back to it and kept telling me how nice it is.. so technically I'm not at fault here :angel:

    Any guess?