6 months old collection - first, twiggy, city, work and accessories *pics*

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  1. The addiction began in early November when I saw my first baby - Jaune City - IRL. 6 months on, this is my modest collection. Hope you enjoy the pics ;)

    Back to front: EB Work, Jaune City, Rouge Vif Twiggy, VG First
  2. Accessories (b to f): Emerald Oval, Black Envelope, Sahara MU, BG CP

    Another bags group shot:
  3. So colourful, it's like looing at rainbow after rain shower:nuts: Great collection, how about some modeling pictures?
  4. Individual shots:





  5. :drool: :drool: :wtf: frickin gorgeous! Which size is your favorite? (I'm guessing first?) so bright and beautiful, I love how different they all are! :girlsigh:
  6. WAO!!! Great Collection!!Good Taste!!
  7. I love your collection, Jz!! So colorful!! Eyecandy!!! I love that Emerald Oval!! And that VG is making me miss my VG Twiggy I sold. :crybaby: I hope to find another in the future...anyhoo, your collection is :rochard:
  8. These are on the way in the next few weeks

    White box

    Turqy First

    02 FBF
  9. wow, love your collection and those coming...esp the turq!!!
  10. kiwishopper i'll try to take some modelling shots later this weekend

    ladybug thanks! and yes First is my favourite style.

    thanks chpwhy! hope u love your vg first as much as i do!

    chinkee u're in work now aren't u? hope u find a vg work! ;)

    thank you rica. i can't wait to see it next week!
  11. Your collection is so nice and colorful!
  12. Love your colourful family of Bbags!!! They are so GORGEOUS together.

    & you take FABULOUS pictures!!!

    The Turq First is making me go weak...& I am not even a First fan.
  13. Love your collection! :girlsigh::heart:
    So happy to see you finally snagged one gorgeous EB Work!
    Congrat Jzlyn!

    That VIF baby looks so smooshy and delish!
    I absolutely adore every single one of them!:love:
  14. amazing collection! they all look sooo great individually and as a group... :drool:
  15. Jzlyn, you have such a vibrant Bbag collection, gorgeous!! :nuts: Congrats on getting a FBF!! Can't wait to see it ;)