6 month Patina...........will it get much darker or no??

  1. Okay so I got my Coussin this past August and I took a pic of it when the vachetta was a beautiful virgin light color. Now after 6 months it has patina'd into a beautiful honey color. So my question is this.........I LOVE the color it is now, is it going to get darker?? I don't care much for the really dark so if it's going to get darker, is there anything I can do to prevent it or slow it down?

    here is a pic of my bag on the second day of owning it - we're at the bellagio in vegas (purchased at forum shops LV):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    here is the pic of my bag at 6 months, taken today:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    here they are side by side for comparison:

  2. I think it will get a bit more of a rich dark honey...
  3. Will darken just a bit more.
  4. It will darken to a deep, dark honey color. And no, there's really no way to slow the process down. I've heard of people using a Mr. Clean magic eraser, but that really only removes the dirt, which your bag doesn't seem to have.
  5. Yes, your beautiful bag still has some more patina action coming. It will only enhance the overall look of your bag.:yes:
  6. Yup it will..it looks gorgeous now!
  7. It looks fabulous right now. But the patina will eventually turn into a very dark dark brown through daily and or long time use.

    All stages are beautiful, IMHO
  8. Your bag is gorgoeus!
  9. you made me like the coussin! (before i HATED it!)
    your modeling pics bring out the awesomeness of the bag!
  10. I have to say that it has by far been my most favorite bag off all brands! Also I have gone through several different LV's and have not been successful in finding a 2nd bag to actually keep (see my manhattan thread - also had a reg popincourt and pap and returned both :rolleyes: ). Nothing really compares to my Coussin!!
  11. Your bag is gorgeous!!! I love that shape--made me want to get it someday!!
  12. the more you wear it, the darker it'll get!! :smile:
  13. Drools, its going to darken nicely.
  14. looks lovely now and will still look lovely IMHO when it patinas further...glad you love it tracy!
  15. Such a pretty bag. It looks like it's getting a very even patina.